Escape Quilting

This is quilt number 3 in 2022 with 3 quilt tops in the closet waiting. The pattern was snap scrap. It was mindless and forgiving as my mothers dementia declines and I need an escape. The fabric line is called ‘seamstress’. I have started this same pattern in modern solids.

Machine binding. Im lazy.
I had to tell her, she couldnt stay with me for a few days on my couch (her idea at 3am. She doesnt know time of day anymore 😪). It killed me inside to be that daughter.

Sunday Morning on the Porch

This quilt pattern is using reproduction 1930s feedsack prints called General Store. It was a long haul – and I thought it was my first finished quilt of 2022 but I was off by one. Oops. Although this one took a long time, I enjoyed the process and it was my first kit. Id never used open seams instead of side seams. I wish I had known the trick for triangles earlier. 😜 The negative space is a navy faux linen that looks like denim. And thread used is Signature brand steel blue.

Diamond Chain

This quilt was made with the fabric line called ‘secret stash’ using the pattern called ‘diamond chain’. Quilting is 3 inch straight line. And this is faced not bound. Pretty in pink. Its about 60 by 80 inches.

Half Square Triangles

This foldable came in handy.

I have been busy creating quilt tops and finishing little. I hesitate to post the half finished, not to curse the chances of finishing them. 😉

I create this little quilt for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to use up a single charm pack that didnt go with anything else. It was called farm house christmas. Secondly, I needed to practice straight line quilting on the mid arm using a ruler (without feeddogs). And finally, I wanted to face this quilt rather than bind.

I also did all sandwiching on a table instead the floor. Im trying to remove that part (as it kills my knee).

2021 Farewell

Finished this top called diamond chain last week. I will finish up the quilting in the new year once I purchase fabric for the back. I might go with olive. The amount of pink that ended up in it is quite a lot.

I think this is the end of 2021 sewing.

A Decade Later

This was started close to 10 years ago. A fabric store in Saskatoon would mail a block each month. I kept up with the individual blocks but put them in a box to hang out for years. Finished it up over the Christmas break.

Now I only have one more quilt hangout out in the closet. Its a king top sewn and ready for quilting. I think it needs to stay there longer!


A busy Fall has slowed the sewing down. Finished this one in about 2 months using moonlight promonade fabric from connecting threads. This is the third time using the flea market pattern from moda. Each quilt looks so different. I admit – it will be a while before this pattern inspires me again. Cant wait to choose the next project.


Two and a half & one and a half inch squares and strips come together to make one blanket to wrap around in comfort. Inspired by reading the book ‘Unconventional and Unexpected’ by Roderick Kiracofe.

Deciding on the piano key border
Boo getting comfortable

Post wash. Love it!


The pattern was flea market mix by moda and the fabric line is a mash of pinks, blues, browns and reds. Tracie and I went on an impromtu lunch trip and picked up the same fabric. Hard to believe this is the same pattern as ‘The Pretty Ugly’ [] a few months back. First time using bamboo, instead of cotton, for the batting. After washing the drape is great and will reuse for sure.

Something Old Something New

I was given these embroidered pillow cases from a friend well over a decade ago. They moved from one house to another over the years. The cotton on the cases were shredded due to use and age. I finally cut them and made something new.

I used 30s inspired fabric to go with the era in which the maker sewn the originals – maybe? I also felt that binding would detract from the design so I used facing. I had never faced a quilt before. It was a learning experience for me. And an overall effect I think I will reuse in the future.

I used 1.5 inch white space and 2.5 inch borders.
Some threads have worn off. But its still sentimental.
I used the cotton from the pillow case as batting.

The technique used for facing was:

When Stars Align

I started on this MSQ lemon star pattern about a month ago. 35 stars. I took my time and got it almost to the finish line. This project had a few firsts…

First time I have ever used a solid background. I usually have some sort of little pattern on the fabric. And the first time I used Hobbs fusible batting that is iron on. Most often I spray with 505.

I thought maybe the fusing glue would gum up my machine but it doesnt. So I think Ive found a new batting moving forward.

Im on my third bobbin of stipling and will be done by the end of the week.

I didnt have to bend down once.

Foxes in Thailand

I made this neutral little baby blanket using a free pattern called zoo dwellers. These foxes will be travelling to Thailand for a baby boy there.

This is the 2nd quilt I have made using the Tiara mid arm machine and I went with a cream to tan verigrated thread. Having a mid arm machine is very motivating to get a quilt finished. Not fighting with a quilt in a small 7.5 throat and having a full 16 inches is a dream.

The Pretty Ugly

I started this quilt during a second lockdown during covid 19. The pattern is called flea market. Instead of buying the suggested moda fabric, scraps from my stash were used instead. The pattern is free. I used my new babylock tiara mid arm sewing machine to quilt it. It turned out to be eye catching. I added one modification by adding an extra row of blocks including a red cross, so decades later this quilt will be known as a pandemic quilt. Im also very thankful that our entire family has received dose 1 of pfizer and will soon be getting the 2nd dose at the end of June.

Pattern is found here.

Blue Ridge Fabric

I started the Jelly Roll Twist pattern by the Fat Quarter shop because I was looking for a mindless sew.

I decided to watch episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee while constructing.

Apparently you need a few brain cells for this pattern! Because after all my blocks were finished and I was laying them out, I realized I have sewn about 15 of them wrong! The orientation of the background fabric is off.

This is such a scappy quilt and I was to defeated to unpick that many blocks, I just used the ‘random’ method for organizing the blocks and the directions. So I guess the ‘twist’ is moot.

Im waiting for a fabric order to finish the quilt with a 5 inch border before I can proceed.

I guess there really isnt any mindless sewing! Or the lesson is to pick a podcast instead of a show. Either way I really liked sewing this.


Saturday Sunrise BOM Done!

A decade. I made these blocks and put them in the closet. I made the goal this month and its finally done. Dont give up on your UFOs. I am very excited. I love the batting and how crinkly it looks. Love it! I was going to give it away but just cant.

1930s Fire Cracker Quilt – Irish Knot?

I didnt want to lose the instruction for this quilt design, so I thought I would create a post for my future self. The video is by Elanor Burns and is very dated. She shows the design as a patriotic quilt. However, I saw one created with different values of the same color fabric instead in green shades – instead of blue and red, and it looks Irish knot like!

3 stripes are cute 2.5 inches by 6 inches (cream is centre and then blue and red)
5.5 inches squares, quartered of both the read and blue end triangles

Log Cabin

I finished this quilt top. It was made using this video.

I used up all my scraps and no longer have anymore fabric other than old sheets etc. All quilting cotton is gone except for a basket of crumbs. Because this was a make do quilt top I did not invest into sandwiching and quilting it. I ripped a long zipper off an old duvet cover, quilted the top to a flat flannel sheet and then used a dark brown sheet for the back. Lastly, I cut an old polyester comforter to size and placed it in my new scappy duvet cover. This is couch size. Comfy and fuffly.

Demin Future Plans

Blocks – 4 inch by 8 inch
270 – 280 total blocks
10-12 pairs of jeans
9.5 blocks in a row
28 rows
3/8 seam – 1/2 seam (for ravel factor). Im not sure if I would do this. I have always kept to a 1/4 inch seam. Does someone have advise of this?
Colors – baby blue, med blue, dr blue, grey, black, white

Quilt made by Lisa Casey and posted to facebook Quilts group

Fabric Organizer

Sew I came across this video tutorial and thought I would try it.

It was a good Saturday afternoon project. Im especially pleased about the small fabric cubes.

I used fabric I had on hand even though I really wanted to go out and buy cute colors.

We are under an extreme cold polar vortex with -37 so I settled for what I had.

I made the zipped pouch for travel but also made a static holder (with a cereal box for shape!)


I decided not to donate three plaid shirts that my partner was getting rid of. He lost weight and these where XXL.

There is quite a bit of fabric in that size. I cut them up in 5 inch squares, sewed the into a zippered pillow large enough to throw on the sofa for our pups. They approve.

Scrappy Gift

I made this quilt for Sister Jessica, the woman who looks after my 94 yr old mom. She is off due to illness and I thought this might help her stay cozy.

I used the ohio star for 20 tiny 5 inch blocks. Then used plain yellow for the back ground.

The fons and porter 1/4 seam ruler was used half way thru and it makes a difference for squared up blocks.

It turned out great. The dimensions are 60 by 70.

It had been a while for me sandwiching a quilt so I set up my Bernina 550Q with BSR. That BSR is a dream.

Mini Quilt

A week ago I made a sewing machine cover with a singer sewing machine themed fabric panel. I had a few let over fabric that I could not let go to waste. I put together this small wall hanging. As a person who has a few vintage singers, I thought it would look nice in my sewing machine space. I struggle with what I have on my walls. What do you have hanging up?

I tossed a sewing themed greeting card on top.

Pfaff 1222

Sometimes stars align. I belong to a local sewing facebook group. And a post flew by for a machine that had to be picked up within the hour for $50. I messaged and said I could pick it up if the machine works? The person responded saying the needle holder no longer holds the needle in place while sewing but other than that it works. Well my budget for vintage machines that have a risk associated with them is low. $25 to free. I told her that parts for pfaff are not the easiest to come by and that I would pass. She then said, if I picked up as agreed (rite away) I could have it for free. I dont pass up a free sewing machine.

I took the drive and picked it up. They were moving out of their house and into a condo. Got it home and a few things ended up not being good.

It was completely frozen, the hand wheel did not turn, and it was altogether missing the bobbin case. Thankful that I did not buy this machine, I had no idea why it was frozen. So I started with taking the top plate off and oiling in all places metal meets metal and waited. While I waited, I sent the owner a message asking (without pressure) if she happens to find the bobbin case to text. I knew it was a long shot. About an hour later, I tried the hand wheel and it was still frozen, but I felt a tiny move. So I oiled it all over again, and waited. This time while I waited, I called my local sewing machine shop that services Pfaffs and asked if they had a replacement bobbin case. After being placed on hold, they found one! So I thanked them and concentrated my efforts back to the frozen machine. Turned the handwheel and this time it moved. Very sluggishly but it moved. So once again, I oiled all metal-touching-metal parts. And waited. It took the afternoon, but once I got it moving and I made sure to power up and get that oil spun throughout it. By the evening, it was perfect. With the quilt shop closed for the night, I thought my Pfaff 1222 adventures where done for the night.

Then, a text. The owner found the bobbin case. Hopped in the car and picked it up. I was dying to know if this machine worked. Placed a needle in the the needle holder and it sewed perfectly. Ironically as I was packing all the accessories away, I saw an extra needle holder amoung the feet. So I think the owner forgot she had that issue fixed. So here is what I have for a half days work.

The machine, a handmade extension tray which does the job, a very nice case, with a top accessory tray, and most importantly a fully working mechanical machine that works with zig zag and many decorative stitches. **except for the button hole stitch. Every time I tried to use it the hand wheel froze back up. So I dont want to tempt fate and will take that loss.

Some features that are way ahead of its time for this mechanical German made sewing machine.

  • IDT! Which has to be my favorite feature of Pfaff. Its always on with that extra foot.
  • A cool feature with a back switch that lets the needle go to the highest position without turning the handwheel
  • A magnetic bobbin winder. I found that out the hard way! I used a metal singer bobbin I found in a drawer and got it stuck good in the bobbin case and thought I had wrecked the machine.

Here is the full manual for the machine which is still listed on the Pfaff website. I learned a lot.


I love Pfaff sewing machines. My mother always told me the story of her mother’s sewing machine. It was a Pfaff, not a singer. She had 19 kids and always had a pot of soup on the stove and paid for her sewing machine weekly. Im not sure if she was a quilter, I think she was more utilitarian than that. Using it for creating clothes and especially mending. My mother herself, did not sew and is 94 and has dementia now. Throughout my life, my mom mended and constructed by hand only. She could rebuild a sock heel with needle point thread in the most amazing way. Most of my socks had reconstructed heels 🙂 Later in my life, I would be called to my moms house to thread her sewing machine. I would, but then, I think she would abandon it for her hand stitching in frustration. A friend of mine told me that sewing sometimes skips a generation. So I often wondered about the grandmother in Holland I had never met, and I wondered what her sewing machine would have looked like in the 1930s! (History of Pfaff website). My first ever sewing machine was a Pfaff 2036 in early 2000s.

I did not have my children yet. I had finished University and was bored. I had met a friend, named Kimberley, at my new job. She asked if I wanted to go with her to run an errand at lunch and we ended up at Peachtree Quilting. One step into that store, and I was hooked! I saw all the possibilities hanging on the walls. I asked her if she could teach me how to quilt? She said, she wouldn’t be a very good teacher but they have classes at Peachtree. It wasn’t long before I went back to the store, signed up for a beginner class, and financed my Pfaff 2036 monthly. I remember bring it home and setting it up. The price was the cost of our latest car! And my partner told me that ‘I was never going to use that thing’. Little did they know.

I wonder what machine my grandmother had? Was it a portable of treadle?

A Scrappy Tote Bag

Sometimes fabric waits for many years. I honestly can not remember when I cut and placed these pieces together. Over the years, this scrap sat and was moved from drawer, to box, to bag. Sometimes I tossed it over my Babylock Enlighten serger. Last week I found this scrap and thought it would make a perfect serger cover. But at the last minute, in a rabbit hole of youtube videos, I stumbled upon this video.
First Overlocker Project – Tote Bag on Lidl Singer Machine by Abi’s Den.

The method of turning a tube with serger thread made my head spin and I had to try it out. The result is reusable shopping bag (because who doesnt need a few more of those at the grocery store. Its the only place I go during this pandemic! We are all part of the solution).

The specifics of this bag sized finished are: 13 in wide by 15.5 length, straps are 26 inch.

Two Years Later…

Wow! It is ironic that it has been two years since my last post. I recently have the sewing bug and set up the sewing room again. This last year has been a very weird one, covid and all. Unlike many, I had the hardest working year of my life which prevented the attention to creation. Now that work has evened out from the emergency mode we fell into, I have been making items. There are also a few sewing machines that I gave away to others to sew masks during the pandemic and a few that I found that I would like to share in upcoming posts.

So in the spirit of sewing…I made a sewing machine cover for a recent addition to my sewing a machine collection (only 10 now). I found this singer fabric panel at my local quilt shop sale section. The fabric is called “Sewing with Singer” by Robert Kaufman. It seemed perfect. It was $5. The pattern I used was the sewing machine cover tutorial. I wanted a pattern that would be flexible enough to fit on several sewing machine types, so I opted to omit the side panels, seen in other patterns. Later, I will dedicate a post the the sewing machine it is covering. It has to be my all time favourite so far! Any guesses? Hint: It is not vintage, but not computerized either.

I also had a helper that looks like she wished she was a sewing machine. I love how this cover turned out and it a great project for beginners. 🙂 Happy sewing everyone.

Post edit: I have a purchased a second panel and found the free PDF pattern on this website. Its a different pattern and specifically created for this panel.

Fermented Kimchi [Easy]

It started with a head of regular green cabbage in my fridge. I didn’t want to make a cabbage salad so I did a search. 🙂

A video that came up came from a university. It is excellent and took the mystic out of the process. I know that I am a visual learner, so a text recipe would not have been as impactful. Within the video the demonstrator mentioned adding spices. That sparked the idea of adding kimchi red pepper powder.

So I combined these two recipes.




I have made this now three times. It is delicious!

1-21-2019 2-19-44 pm

What Happened? Life

It has been so long since I posted.   What happened?  Life.  I  was not too busy.  I needed time to think.  I thought about relationships, creation, and purpose.  What came out of this time is a large amount of change in my life – all very positive.    My direction, daily life, focus, what is important, all shifted slightly.  Most importantly,  I continue to create each and every day.  It could be with fabric, food, thoughts – but it counts.   Lately I have been sewing too.

Singer Featherweight 221 – For Sale

I have 12 vintage machines & I don’t need 3 black featherweights!

This is a used vintage Singer Featherweight serial number AH568685 built in 1948. Good working condition with all decals in tact and bright. This is a straight stitch sewing machine.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. My email is


Included is:

A serviced 221 sewing machine – I have created a video – I think it’s important to see what you are buying.

Carrying case
1 Key
Foot control – wear showing on the wires.
Original bobbin case assembly
Bobbins x 3

Ready to sew when you get it!

Full disclosure: There are very small pins pits on the bed & light scratches. The foot control is original wiring that is showing wear and I would suggest purchasing a new foot control ($20 on eBay). But I have used it the last year ‘as is’ with no problem. There is also a quirky squeak to the machine….you may hear it in the video but all my vintage machines have their own sound! The case bottom is missing the black paper – this is cosmetic and does not affect the function.










Rocketeer 500A Machine

I was pleasantly surprised to add one more machine to my collection.  A Rocketeer.  I have wanted one for a little while but never for the right price.  My vintage machine budget is $25 to free and this machine ended up being $20.  It came with a defunct foot controller.  I found someone on facebook that was willing to trade a pedal, slant shank feet, and cams in exchange for some vintage Bernina feet I wasn’t using, so the stars aligned!  This machine sews very well and has many pre-built decorative stitches which makes versatile. However, I much prefer the weight of the Featherweight 221 or 222s, to these beige singer machines – its kinda heavy.  Some of the new paint jobs of this style of this machine are awesome. Ever since I saw this re-model of the Rocketeer in a futuristic grey and red, I had wanted to buy this style of machine.


Sew Together Bag

I am on a bag kick I recently made this Craftsy pattern called The Sew Together Bag.  This bag stretched my skills with 4 zippers and binding for champions.  This will be holding my sewing gadgets on Sunday mornings.  I will be making a second bag now that I know what I am doing and were all the pieces end of in the final object.

The best part of the this zippered pouch is that is a total stash buster.  You can ‘go crazy’ with all sorts of fabric and even zipper colors.  I may have to try using some 5 inch charm pack squares pieced together for the interior.  I also really like the idea of quilting and designing the outer fabric – and the pattern encourages embellishments.

A construction point – i used a scrap of plain old flannel instead of interfacing.

What I don’t like about this bag is the size.  Although the varying compartments are so very handy for sewing needles, seam rippers, rulers, snips and measuring tape, if I add my chunky rotary cutter – it doesn’t zip shut.  I think I will have try making the Bionic Gear Bag for that kind of thing.

In the end, I really like how this little bag came together.  It will be used a lot.  I can also see re-making this bag for my daughter’s make-up, or as it was suggested to me by a friend, a first aid kit for the RV. It is not long enough for 10inch knitting needles but it would hold interchangeable circular ones, stitch markers, and other knitting paraphernalia.  I am sure that are so many other uses.

I forgot to take a final pic of this bag filled…and you can still see the pins where I plan to hand sew the binding (oops!). And I have to thank my good friend Kirsten for this pattern.

Happy Sewing!

photo 1 photo 2

The Two Zip Hipster Bag

This pattern was given to me by a quilting friend.  We have been sewing every second sunday since Sept. The Two Zip Hispter PDF Pattern is from the Dog Under My Desk site.

I have made one other Dog Under My Desk pattern which is called the Circle Earbud Pouch Tutorial. The full tutorial is here.The earbud pattern is the perfect gift for teenagers.  I usually make one for my daughter to put her friend’s birthday money in.

Back to the bag.  This pattern in not for beginners.  I am thankful I had a comfort level with bag making and zippers.  There are may pages of instructions and images which were invaluable – and sometimes I had to read several times to really ‘get’ it.  I have a habit of trying to speed through patterns and this pattern is one in which you would want to take your time!  I had to rip and resew many aspects of the bag, but it paid off!

I love it!  The material is kinda loud, garish, and in your face.  It was from my stash and the next one will be more calm in nature. I also chose to use metal zips which was a new experience for me and resulted a few broken needles 🙂

This bag is fully lined has a great small zipped exterior pocket plus a drop-in pocket.  The main compartment is deep and has side pockets for your cell or pens, etc.  Below are pics of the partial constructed bag and the final project.


It Happened Again

I one time had a CL ad up – for buying, and fixing old sewing machines. A guy called and said he had an old singer that no one wanted at his garage sale. Could I swing by his place and pick it up from his girlfriend. She handed me a little broken mint green box! I was in shock.

Then yesterday, I was walking with my little boy in the neighbourhood early morning, while a lady was hanging up a garage sale sign. I asked my standard questions ‘any guitars or sewing machines?’ She said she had some sewing machines for $25!

I went there immediately & saw the little blk box with $150 on it. I opened it up and it was jammed to the top with accessories (zigzager, buttonholer). A bit pricey but I had just got pd so I bought it.

I carried it home and unpacked it and there was a 222 inside! The only things it’s missing is the embroidery hoop. The darning foot is even there.

Im in shock! Stars aligned twice or my city is saturated with 221 & 222. Our city did have a singer store downtown for eons.


Yoga Bag

So after much searching on the web I came up with this yoga bag. Here goes:

Fabric used: medium weight cotton with scrap lightweight cotton contrasting fabric.

Bag main piece: 18 x 30
Contrasting strips: 18 x 4.5
Handle: 3 x 48
Circle bottom: 3 inch radius – resulting in a circle 6 inch wide.

Homemade bias tape in contrasting fabric. 2 inch strips folded and sew to make a ties but ribbon would look fabulous.

Top edge folded back 2 inches.
Contrasting strip placed and sewn 4 inches from top edge sewn stitching and 4 inches from the bottom.

Namaste. Now not to fall over in yoga class. I kinda reallysuck at balance. 🙂



McCalls 6844 Sew-a-Long

I have been in a bit of a sewing funk lately so I needed a quick & easy garment to get me back into the groove.  The craftygemini was having a sew-a-long for the McCalls 6844 pattern.  I used a bright red ponte knit and opted for the peplum cardi which was featured in the sew-a-long.  The next time I make this, I will size down to a 12 but keep the 14 sleeve size – not much wiggle room in these sausage link style arms… 🙂   I have since bought navy knit to make the view which is just a straight cardi. Here are the 6 videos for the pattern.



My Lady

It has been a while since I posted.  I have been busy making some wardrobe staples, but have not taken photos as they are much the same – just duplicates.  I did however, treat myself to a dress form.

I did quite a bit of research on the subject before buying – indecisive. I went back and forth between some of the adjustable forms that I could get through amazon vs the non-adjustable ones.

I settled on one by theshopcompany.  At first I wasn’t sure if they delivered internationally but found out if ordered thru ebay – they would!  I ended up buying a size smaller that what I am, so that I could pad the form to my natural size.

The form arrived in no time and it was exactly as advertised.  Pinnable linen, collapsible shoulders, a cage for hemming, cast iron rolling base.  She is gorgeous.

Not sure of the name, but it was instant assembly and I can’t wait to put her to use.  I will have to wait about 3 weeks until I can get back into my sewing room.

Post script – the boobs look kinda of pointy in the photo – but they are not 🙂


It Pains Me

20140321-180452.jpgHere’s the thing. I didnt even put the buttons on this before I tossed it. Dont get me wrong, I learned a ton (welted pockets, topstitching etc) Never took on something so complicated – with so much construction. Forty pieces in all.

So what’s the problem? The fabric! The demin is way to heavy and stiff. It was free so I used it as a muslin to see if I was a med or lrg.

Next time, if there is one, my fabric will be much lighter and with a bit of stretch. The feeling I have right now is Im tired of this pattern and process involved. It will be a while and I am onto sewing other things.

This is the first time I have abandoned something at the muslin stage? How about you?

At least I know my size now!

B4132 Butterick Cowl Top

Just finished this cowl top in a super soft jersey. I was suppose to cut on the bias, but opted not to because the fabric had plenty of stretch. My muslin was sleeveless, and too short. I added an extra 4 inches to the length. The top is comfy and has 3/4 sleeves. I am happy with how it turned out and think it will be worn a lot.



Wardrobe Architect Week 1


I grew up with elderly parents who lived and fought in the war.  When I was school aged, fashion did not play a large role in our house.  My mom was a stay at home mom with little interest in clothes and my father was a bricklayer working in demin most of his life.  Clothes were utilitarian in nature.  Later when I went to high school, I didn’t worry or think about clothes much because I wore a school uniform daily for 4 years.  A grey wool box skirt, white blouse, sweater vest, and knee highs.

I moved out to attend university and did not have money for fashion, as I was focusing on paying tuition, rent and food.  I then started my career at the University in which I studied.  Needless to say academics do not seem to be that fashion forward!


I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools.  My Catholic faith ended after it stopped being forced upon me in school.  I am very faith filled but not in an organized way.  I believe in treating others with kindness.  I have always admired my parents for immigrating from nothing and being totally satisfied with what they had.  I don’t think they kept up with the Joneses’ because the Joneses’ were so far away from where they came from  – any comparison was difficult to make.   I was taught to only buy new or the best and only buy what is needed. They were against used.  I think it was because that is all they had growing up.

**I try to stick with this philosophy but have moments of weakness.


I grew up in a Dutch house hold but our culture was never celebrated.  My parents moved to Canada, only spoke English and tried to forget anything from the past.  I was only influenced by Canada.  As mentioned above,  we did not shop regularly.  My father went to shopping centres almost everyday in his retirement for a cup of coffee, but both of my parents were not shoppers.  Academic culture has also influenced the notion that you don’t have to follow the gender stereo types of clothing.  While studying at school most of my garments were black, black and more black.  Did I mention black?


Family is the most important community to me.  My husband has been wearing jeans and plaid shirts everyday (including to work – he is a social worker) since I met him in 1992.  He has one pair of dress pants & shirt for occasions both happy & sad.  My small circle of friends are way more fashionable!  I am the type of person who invites the family to the big Xmas or Thanksgiving dinner and asks everyone to arrive in  PJs.  Because who doesn’t  want to relax at these gatherings anyway!


I live in Canada. -50 with the wind is not uncommon in the winter.  And +38 is not uncommon in the summer.  I notice the heavy plaid shirts come out in the winter – never dress or skirts.  This summer, since starting to sew my own garments – I have incorporated many more skirts in my daily wear.


I most recently have been at a weight – a little more (OK quite a bit more)  heavy that I normally carry.  I aged 40 plus now and think it is both age and life style.  I love to sew with a glass of wine in hand.  I have always been able to fit ready to wear garments with ease.

The New Year

It has been about 1 year since I started my sewing blog! I have made so many things from small projects (zippered bags, bento box, scarfs) to clothes (archers multiple like rabbits, sorbettos, knit Ts, hoodies, cowl shirt and yoga pants).

Joined a few sew-a-longs and made a few swaps with other bloggers! And met some wonderful sewists!

I ve enjoyed the new Bernina and also picked up a few singer keepers which I just can’t part with.

Thought I would start my year off by committing to the wardrobe architect project, over at Collette’s blog. I need help & planning in that department.

The Wardrobe Architect

Secret Santa Reveal

A cute box landed from the New Zealand in my mail box. Thanks fellow sewist! I have used the twill tape on SO many projects, I made just prior to Xmas. Such unique items an sweet buttons – many thanks.




Merry Christmas

I always seems to stumble upon the most beautiful sewing machines around xmas time. Last year it was my singer 221 featherweight. This year it is a gorgeous class 15 in a bentwood box that is 20 inch long! It was $25 with a full box of original attachments. My other bentwood is only 16….this one is big & heavy (40 lbs?) but in such great condition. Think I will do a bit of quilting – since this one is set up in the middle of the living room, with no plans to relocate.


Craftsy, Sew Better, Sew Faster

I have mixed feelings about the consumerism of Black Friday.

But I had a moment of weakness on Thursday. My seamless pledge was holding strong until I bought two pairs of jeans from Old Navy for $15.

The only places I plan to visit to make a purchase today is the fabricstore, and to buy a bottle of Las Moras shiraz.

I plan on finishing another archer this weekend. (which is so outta character for me – not). This version has a major pattern mis-match of the plaid on the front. Tradgic for my OCD, but Im ok with this mistake.

If you havent gone over to Craftsy – stop reading this post and buy yourself another class. You cant go wrong with everything listed as $19.99 (my consumerism weakness is showing). Yesterday I purchased the Sew Better, Sew Faster by Janet Pray.

This class is chalked full of learning opportunities. (Yes, I watched all 8 lessons at once!) She has a ton of tips which are awesome. And she really explains the ‘why’ behind these tips.
I am waiting for my hard-copy jacket to arrive in the mail. The project is an unlined demin jacket with a large amount of top stitching and welted pockets.

I cant wait to get started on this project!


Double the Pattern Pyramid fun!

Spreading the word!

Béa's Sewing Adventures

I wanted to post a reminder that you’ve still got a week to enter the Pluz Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway here on my blog.

But in addition, Alison from Sewing with Cats has now posted her own Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway here, so you’ve got that additional opportunity to join in the fun now. Go on, check it out- it’s got to be worth a little comment to be in with a chance for those beauties!


It’s actually *treble* the fun, because Chris Lucas, another lucky pyramider, has posted her Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway too. Hooray for treble chances!


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Needle book

In the summer, I was part of a notion swap for the sew weekly reunion. I made a needle book for a swap gift, but never got around to posting about it. Didn’t want to give anything away. This morning, I was about to make another, and realized I didn’t have a post I could look back on.

Here is the tutorial I used to make my book:

Another with a D link which looks interesting:

I also found this incredible project. It would take me months to complete….but I do need something like this for my sewing machine needles particularly. I love the colors chosen and how it is combined with a more natural linen: