Singer Advertisements & Decals

I love looking at old magazines and vintage patterns. Here are two of my favorites. I have all 4 of these sewing machines (thanks to Tammi in central AB for my 99K named ‘jellybean’). It is interesting to me to see how each machine has its own personality. I have also included a closeup of their 4 different decals.



99K ‘Eye’ decal


15-90 ‘Eye’ and Trefoils


201 ‘Paperclips’ decal


221 Featherweight ‘Celtic Knot’ decal


If you are interested in learning more or finding out the type of decal you have on your vintage machine, more information is found on the ISMACS website:

For the Dogs

Everyone has heard the story of a quilter giving a quilt to a friend and then see her give it to the dogs on the next visit!  I love my schnauzers (black & white).  This quilt pattern was purchased by my friend who would like a quilt for her dog.  It is mostly applique so I had to give it a try.  The first image is of the pattern while the second one is the single block I put together.  I used a recycled plaid shirt that was on it’s last legs.  Now all I have to do is find some schnauzer applique.




90s Dress Becomes Infinity Scarf

The easy pattern can be found on this blog.

I think this video is the best…lots of ideas for wearing it.

I cut this the length of the dress and 12.5 inches wide and had two pieces. Sew the two together at the short ends. Decorative stitched all the way around. Wet and knotted up. Will be a great airy crinkly summer scarf.



Fannel Warm Cold Bag

At the end of the day I have tight shoulders. It Must be all the computer work during the day and sewing at night. Not to mention being a mom with 2 very active kids. I put this bag together in about 5 minutes.

It is actually 2 bags, an inner one to hold the wheat (or long grain rice) and the outer flannel. My flannel was $1.50 in the clearance section and I used scrap material for the inner bag because you don’t see it.


Inner: 6.5 inch by width of fabric
Outer: 7 inch by width of fabric
Inside: rice
Seam allowance. 1/4

Fold each piece in half and sew the perimeter, but leave a short opening for the grain in the the inner bag and a short opening in the outer to stuff the completed inner bag into. Fold the last opening edges in and sew the final seam. Don’t over fill the bag. I filled mine half way, then when all done, pushed the grain around to top sew a seam to make compartments evenly distributed.

I am going to make these for coworkers this Xmas. Easy, cheap, and can go with a ‘stress free’ themed gift!

Place in the microwave for 2 minutes or store in the freezer – and use.



Wall of Stuff

My daughter has a wall of stuff in her bedroom. It started at Xmas time and she has put quite a bit of time and energy into the venture. She puts of artwork, instant pics, and anything she is ‘in to’. Last week she added a second wall. And the only word which came to mind was OMG! Her creativity inspires me!


Blind Hem Attachments

Being a quilter I haven’t explored my machine attachments…but I started to tonite. I seem to be collecting more and more with every machine purchase. The ones I am most interested in are the zipper, bias binding foot, ruffler and blind hem foot. Here is the results of the last. What I learned is you have to allow an inch or two before the material feeds thru it but the end result is a perfect finished seam. The foot works a bit better if the fabric is pressed over about 1/4 inch before going thru the foot. Now I might try the ruffler foot – looks down right scary to me but that will be for another post.



Online Stores

On my list…

  • Connecting Threads – The most beautiful colors threads sets. Regularly order and has fast shipping
  • Shaker Woodshops – I dream of one day owning this small cherry wood oval box.
  • Pink Chalk Fabrics – I belong to the monthly stash club – great customer service
  • Zipit – I love looking at the rainbow of zippers & the price is right too.
  • Organic Cotton Plus – I have not ordered from this company, but another trusted blogger recommended them. High quality fabric. This site needs more exploration.
  • A great selection of high quality scissors from Silent Stitches.
  • A dry iron I have on my wish list from the Vermont Country Store.  I love design.
  • Bamboo press turner

Little Green Machine

I had the opportunity to go shopping without the kids on Sunday.  I thought I would make a trip to the fabric store to buy a pattern for an upcoming ‘learn to sew’ class I am taking at my local quilt store.

I left too early and found myself with half-an-hour to fill.  I stopped into an antique shop – just to look (or that is what I told myself).  It was filled with colors and memories of childhood with vintage toys & teacups.  When I went to the basement, I spotted a sewing machine case.   I spotted the word ‘singer’ in the handle and expected the typical black machine I am use to seeing.

To my surprise, I found my little green machine. And it was marked down to $20. It is a 3/4 portable, all metal construction model 185J. It appeared to be in great condition with the exception of the belt being stiff as a statue which prevented it from sewing and a rusted out foot pedal!  Both quick fixes, but I walked away.

I was at the exit and almost to the truck when I thought, what if I skip the fabric store to save this machine?  So I that is how ended up with him. My daughter name him ‘oliver’


Sock Monkeys

Last Christmas I went crazy making sock monkeys. I few things to keep in mind. Buy ladies 100% cotton work socks – it helps keep really nice proportions on the monkeys. The dark one even has a diamond earring in. It is my sons and he had an extra one at the time – he has since taken it out. I used merina wool for the eyes to keep it kidlet friendly. I used the directions provided on this website: