Vintage Sewing Machines

I admit I have a thing for sewing machines.  It could be worse.  Here is my collection so far:

  1. PFAFF 2056 – This is a computerized wonder which has not let me down.  I had to finance this one and started out upgrading every three years in the 90s.  It is from 2007 but I have no desire to have modern conveniences – needle up/down, threader, cutter, patchwork setting, FMQ, auto presser foot (my favorite feature).
  2. SINGER TREADLE – This one started my obsession.  It all started when I was looking on my local craiglist for a sewing machine table.  I was sick of the plastic bowed table that was vibrating as I quilted.  I found this BEAUTIFUL cabinet that I thought would be perfect & sturdy.  I had no intention on using the machine…and got it for $50. It is made in Elizabeth New Jersey, USA in 1910. Serial G5580946.  Model 15-30 treadle.
  3. SINGER 15-90 ELECTRIC. After that I was hooked.  I found this beauty with the traditional scrolled face plate for $20.  A retired upholstery maker was getting rid of it.  He sold it for cheap because he couldn’t get it to sew anymore.  It sews like a dream now but that is a story for another day. She was made during 1938 in Brunswick Canada. Serial JB970671.  Her cabinet is mint with a gorgeous patina.
  4. SINGER 201-3 ELECTRIC. No excuse for buying this other than it too was $20 with a cabinet.  I was looking for a working machine and at the time the treadle and the 15-20 still didn’t run.  So when I emailed the seller, she said it sewed!  This one purrs and later I find out it is a highend dressmaker model. Serial EG 913… Made in Kilowie Scotland in 1949.  I wish sewing machines could talk!
  5. SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT!  I joined a vintage sewing machine forum and got all my vintage machines working due to some very wonderful mentors.  After being a member, I soon learned that this model is a must have. As the other 3 machines are cast iron and weight 40 lbs.  This perfect portable is aluminum and in my blog header weighing in at 9 lbs.   I went all out for this machine on ebay from a Canadian seller.  Found out it was her gradmonthers which makes it more special in a way I can’t explain.  Grandma bought it in 1948. Serial AH568635.  The gloss and shine on this machine is wonderful and worth every dollar – I paid $200 for it.
  6. PFAFF 251-9. This machine was marked for the dump.  The seller was giving it away because the thread always broke and her wheel didn’t turn very well.  I picked her up on a door step on a snowy day.  Frozen solid, I cleaned her up with a cloth.  When she warmed up I oiled her and set the tension for 9 to 3!  This special machine was made in West Germany and will be a workhorse.  It is from the 1970s. TRADED THIS ONE FOR 4 BROKEN MACHINES – ONE BEING A SINGER 431G ROCKETEER!
  7. I am still looking for a sparkly blue Japanese clone machine & possibly a Brother or Bernina…which I think would complete my collection.  I have high hopes for the summer.   I will keep you posted…
  8. UPDATE Jan 8, 2012: SINGER 185J My little green machine!

PFAFF 2056 & SINGER TREADLE (Hidden Underneath)

The decals on this machine have wings to commemorate the air force during the WWI












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