iPhone Sleeve & Earbud Pouch

I made this iPhone sleeve based on the ‘Easy iPhone Sleeve Tutorial‘ from ‘The dog under my desk’ blog. I also use one to carry my debit/credit card. She also has a great ear bud holder or coin purse. which is so cute and mini! I always find my ear buds crumbled in the draw and swear under my breath when I have to untangle. Here is the front & back.




SawTooth Star Quilt

The fabric was purchased near the Teddy Roosevelt National Park.   That day a herd of buffalo wandered thru our campsite at Cottonwood.  So when I went to the local town’s quilt shop and spotted this buffalo batik, I new it was a sign.  Didn’t use the material for a long time and finally cut into it.  I used a basic star block.  Added 2 inch sashing and spent the extra time  hand quilting this because it is very small.  IMG_1792

Make Do & Mend

Love this pamphlet from 40s.  My mom & dad lived thru WWII in a German occupied Holland and my father served in the front lines of the Dutch army.  My mom still maintains this mentality in her daily life. Make DO & Mend. 

I have made quite a few coffee filters, so I just need to wash and reuse.  I just traced a paper one…its not lined, but my cup of joe doesn’t care.


A Special Day

I made this quilt for my father on his 83rd birthday. Shortly after he passed away. It has been 5 years past and so much of who I am is because of Jacobus Wilhelmus. Thx Dad.


Singer 1 Step Buttonhole

This has to be the handiest invention ever. The consistent, perfect buttonholes blow my 3 step computerized machine out of the water. When I first got this contraption I had no idea how to use.  It sat in the box for 6 months.  I had heard that they do make the best & consistent button holes so I thought I would try to find a ‘how to’ video on YouTube.

  • YOUTUBE – The video which helped me the most is here. (you just have to get past the bad audio!)

Here is mine in action – perfect button holes in less than 50 seconds

I somehow ended up with 2 vintage singer button holers and several templates.  The one I am missing is the eyelet template which I will keep an eye out for on ebay.  My sample below was twice around with the contraption, but I was using a super thin silky thread, so next time it will be 3 times around.

Just Attach & Go! Love it.