PJ Pants

Well, this is the second pair I have made. Going into the holidays I wanted a pair on spring flannel pjs. I cut the pattern wrong, so I appliquĂ©d giant pokadots on the side that ended inside out. Between the two pairs made, I officially have the hips of the M but the leg width of the S. Think I will stay in these until Apr 8th! Occasionally shopping online 🙂 and sewing for a solid week. The kids will focus on their friends….and occasionally I will make a healthy meal.


A special box!

How lucky. I picked up a box tonight with at least a hundred vintage patterns: simplicity, mccalls, and vogue. Mostly size 12! Just looking thru I would guess primarily 60s style. It will be fun going thru them all.

I think I could be official called a ‘hoarder’ now.

The patterns I dont keep, I will use the pattern tissue to wrap my families homemade gifts in!






Sewing Pocket

I have a sewing class and needed a quick container to store my supplies in. The mini mat didn’t fit in my shoe box so I decided to create something my self. I was inspired by a link which a user on the quilting board posted. They wanted $8.00 for the pattern so I thought I would eyeball it. Here is what resulted. Taking this and a small zippered pouch for tiny odds & ends.




I found this pattern by ‘Two Peas In A Pod Designs’ on Pinterest and made a few of these so far. I sew with a pair of snips on a lanyard and was in the market for a new one. These would be cute in themed fabric for a child’s house key, or teacher gift. I treated myself to a pair of 4inch gingher scissors for mine. They are still stuck in postal land but hopefully will arrive soon. The lanyards take all about 10 minutes to make and I use the hardware they sell for the Superstore carts coins, so I can easily remove whatever item I have hanging!




Gathered Clutch

I recently made Noodlehead’s gathered clutch. It was more challenging than I expected. I love her blog and like her sense of style. She always chooses the best fabric combinations and very funky designs. That side of choosing fabrics I am stIll learning….doesn’t quite come so easily to me. I chose to make mine out of a fabric I fell I love with called ‘Saturday Morning’. As one of my favorite days of the week, I just had to buy some of this fabric. Here is the gathered clutch pattern: http://www.noodle-head.com/2010/04/gathered-clutch-tutorial.html



Charm Square Addiction

Those 5 inch squares are so handy for making little pouches.  They could be used for all sorts of things: earbuds, change, a couple lip balms, tea bags…And best of all they take 10 minutes to sew up. With all the charms squares I get in the mail this pattern is a stash buster.  Just look in my tag cloud under earbud for the tutorial.