My Sorbetto


I downloaded the Collette Sorbetto tank top. It was my weeknd project.

What inspired me was another bloggers post about 7 days of the Sorbetta. She added sleeves which was a big deal for me, plus I loved her 20s dress version too. Surprising how many ways a simply (2 pattern peices) can turn out – with a little imagination.

The fabric I chose for the top was a sheet set I had when I was a kid…so that unfortunately makes it 35 years old. The fabric has a wonderful worn feel, but the design was something I remember from being a kid in kindergarten. My favorite design I sparingly used for the bias collar, hem, and small strip down the front. Just could cut large chunks out of yet!

I still have to sew the buttons on…they are just pinned. Was waffling on which to pick, but the I will stick to these white ones I got at the estate sale last week.

Estate Sale – Sewing Notions

I went to an estate sale on the weekend and picked up some really useful items.

  • Henkel’s pinking shears
  • Thread nips
  • 6.5 by 24 inch olfa ruler, 2.5 olfa ruler
  • Olfa slash ruler for chenille making
  • Dresden plate template – small, medium, and large
  • Dritz Tailor board
  • Wooden sleeve board
  • Buttons, marking pens, and marking rulers for seam allowances
  • Patterns were free, so I pick up a dozen
  • And a tiny bit of fabric

Wow! ImageImageImage

Don’t Touch My Ginghers!

In my house the kids and DH included, will see a pair of scissors in my sewing roomand use them to open jelly sticks, yogurt tubes, and popcorn bagSometimes of course they wouldn’t tell me and I would go to used them and they would be either stuck together from the sugar or dripping in coconut oil from the popcorn.

Now scissors are very important for quilting. I mostly use my OLFA 45mm rotary cutter. So I have gone all my years of sewing sharing my scissors with the family. Granted, most were from the dollar store, or fabric store but most were under $5.00.

Then I started my first sewing class on Craftsy and was told I need a good pair of scissors. I wasn’t really listening and went thru the class with my dollar store specials. Here is what happened:

-there was a bit of swearing -I couldn’t cut my pattern put because my scissors would slip – my notches didn’t even look like notches

So I was on a quest to purchase a high quality pair of scissors. I started with a 5 inch knife edge ginghers, after I received those in the mail, I found a pair of 4 inch spring action embroidery pair, and this Friday my last pair arrived – my 8 inch dressmakers shears! All are made in Italy and cut thru the fabric like butter.

Now I just have to keep these away from the family!


Sewing with Knits

If you are looking for a beginner pattern, I recommend ‘Sewing with Knits’ by Meg McElwee (Blog SewLiberated) on Craftsy. Super inspiring, non intimating, and you get over 6 patterns! I started with her first project which is the hoody.

Love how easy it was to put together (1 evening & and a 1/2 video tutorial). It is so comfy and my style. I picked a waffle jersey in grey and have enough left over to make an american apparel jersey infinity scarf knock off.

Heading to the fabric store today to by 3 more metres of this knit in dark navy….to make another. I think I will sew one size smaller to get it a bit more form fitting.

Update: Love the drk navy in a size medium. Very cozy to wear today, especially since it is snowing this morning!

Thanks Meg. You are an awesome teacher!




Overlock Foot & Stitches

I thought I needed a serger to finish my seams more professionally. I set out to do a bit a research before going to my local quilt shop.  The question I asked Goodle was ‘Do I need a serger?’  The search results provided a list of blogs about features to look for etc.  One of those blog posts was surprising.  She mentioned advanced sewing machines having a very useful overlock feet and stitches.  I had never heard of this before and went to search the house top & bottom to find my PFAFF owners manual.  Turns out my machine does have this capability!  I tried it out on a set of sleeves I am working on and was pleasantly surprise.  I think for my level of sewing I will stick to this method as opposed to investing in a serger!  Here is a pick with my PFAFF 2056 stitch 35.


Update: Stretch knits pose a completely different challenge….might still have to consider a sergEr down the road 🙂

Overlock Foot & Stitch

Singer 127 Addition

As you know I really appreciate vintage sewing machines. This one was given to me this week. Her name is Norine. It was given to me by the most interesting seamstress who has made her own clothes since she was 19! This machine was her grandmothers. She brought it over from Europe, and it is a 1948 – 127 family shuttle machine. I gave her a good cleaning & oil and soon she will need a new belt. Other than that she is in great condition. I have found a great spot in my sewing area for this machine and it provides constant inspiration. It sometimes saddens me to think how items are made in our day as disposable. This shuttle machine will last for many more years and I will be sewing on it regularly. How lucky!