Overlock Foot & Stitches

I thought I needed a serger to finish my seams more professionally. I set out to do a bit a research before going to my local quilt shop.  The question I asked Goodle was ‘Do I need a serger?’  The search results provided a list of blogs about features to look for etc.  One of those blog posts was surprising.  She mentioned advanced sewing machines having a very useful overlock feet and stitches.  I had never heard of this before and went to search the house top & bottom to find my PFAFF owners manual.  Turns out my machine does have this capability!  I tried it out on a set of sleeves I am working on and was pleasantly surprise.  I think for my level of sewing I will stick to this method as opposed to investing in a serger!  Here is a pick with my PFAFF 2056 stitch 35.


Update: Stretch knits pose a completely different challenge….might still have to consider a sergEr down the road 🙂

Overlock Foot & Stitch

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