From Texas

A nice surprise came to my door after work. Thanks Olita! And here is the story. Very touching: And greetings from Texas.

‘Here is your mug rug, made with you in mind. Of course I patterned it after several things that I saw when visiting Sault St. Marie Ontario, ( which I know is not the area in which you live). I hope you like it as I had a lot of fun making it. I do have to admit there are some glitches here and there and I have to blame the RA as sometimes it is rather hard when handling small squares etc.
The maple leaf block represents the fall foliage that was just beginning turn colors while we were there.

The bear claw block represents the bear prints I saw while stopped at a national park as we ,(Richard and I), rode the Algoma RR into the forest.
And of course the flying geese blocks represent the beautiful geese that I saw in Sault St. Marie. And we had a pair spend a few days here at my apt. complex a few weeks ago. I suppose they wanted a rest and our little pound looked good for them before moving on along home.

The light blue in the geese pattern represents the clear waters in the streams, rivers, and waterfalls, we saw while riding the train.

And lastly the red represents the red maple leaf in your flag.


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