Sewing for Profit

Do you have any sewing books which are essential?




Sewing for Profit – Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences Scranton, PA

I found this book at the local used bookstore.  It is part of a textbook series mostly published in the 1930’s.   I was only able to get one book in the series.  The whole thing is available online to read – both sewing & cookery. It is truly a peak into another time!  There is a ‘Specializing in Sewing’ section that will be my weekend reading material.

The cookery ones can be found here:

Centennial Featherweight 1851-1951

I have been lurking over a craiglist posting for a singer featherweight. The owner sent a pic and the machine looked like it was in good shape. It had a piece of wool over the arm of the machine so I didnt see the badge.

When I went to view the sewing machine – I lifted the wool off and saw the 100th anniversary blue rimmed badge.

I paid and couldnt get home fast enough. Just my luck. She is called ‘moon’ after her original owner. The machine had one owner and was the families machine. A shame no one in the family knows how to sew or wants it.



Brainlock – Cross Over Bag

It all started with a bag of thrifted ties for $5.99. I really wanted to buy all 4 but thought that might be too greedy. Plus I have about 3 quilts started but not finished.

I decided to create the cross over bag from Michelle’s Patterns. I purchased about 6 retired patterns she was clearing out. This pattern comes in size medium and small.

The first bag I made turned out great! I love the silk tie look and used the tie label on the front of the bag. All the ties in this bag are non-diagonal and have a very retro look. If only the ties could talk!

The second bag made was small. I love the look of the bag using all diagonal stripped ties. I dont have an image because I gave it to my mom for her birthday.

I am now on my third bag – a small bag which is part tie material, part recycled cotton. I am running out of ties!

Not bad for $5.99 🙂

Here is the pattern. But it can not be purchased anymore as it has been retired.

Bag 1 Image



Karma – Serger!

‘Today is your lucky day’ is what Cindy from Cindy-rella’s Sewing & Quilting said to me!  She gave me SUCH an incredible deal on her serger, I still can’t believe it. Knowing very little about sergers, I  had to do a bit of research when I got home.  To be honest,  I didn’t even know what the proper tension of the stitch should look like. 🙂

I wasn’t really satisfied with the resources online so I decided to buy another Crafsty online course instead of waiting for an in-person course –  Beginning Sergering.  I really like how she takes you thru a 40 point check of the machine and uses 3 different models.  And by the end of the course, you have a handful of resources and you build a binder of samples which you add to your materials.  Later when you need the same stitch all the details like stitch length, width and tension dials are recorded.

After a full day with this serger – it became a love hate relationship.  By now I intimately know the ins & outs.  I also realized some new features on other sergers I would really like, rolled hem capability and differential feed to create a wave effect!  Maybe one day.  Thanks Cindy! When I save my pennies I will buying my 2nd serger at your store – I am so grateful to you.

Here are a few projects made out of vintage silk ties I pulled together on the serger once I got going with the machine.




Honeycomb Quilt


I thought I would give the Honeycomb precuts a try.  Having never worked with hexagons, I found the moda bake shop YouTube video and 1 PDF  instructions very helpful.  It’s coming along nicely and I am very greatful for my sewing machines…tie offMon feature which helps secure all these hex points.  The finished product will be wall hanging size.  I thought I would use over size running stitches in contrasting DMC floss and vintage buttons in each hex for the quilting size of it.



Baby Blue

I have a couple more machines – both BLUE.  One of them will be given to a local quilt group!  A singer & a white.  Both we donated.  It looked like the singer had never been cleaned…it was a fabric bunny haven when I took the machine apart.  The white required a full day of cleaning and scrubbing – and I eventually had to use steal wool the oil was so caked on.  The white is just incredible with a great straight stitch.

Singer Before


Singer After


White Before


White After


Patchwork Draw String – Birthday Bag Instructions

I needed to create ten treat bags for an upcoming birthday party and procastinated until the nite before. I had a bit of an assembly line set up. They took about 2 hours total. Each bag is:

Supplies needed: 6 charm squares, ribbon for the drawstring.

-sew 3 charms squares together in a row
-cut the row in half down the middle charm
-re-arrange & re sew into small panels
-make two panels for each side of the bag
-face panels rights sides together
-sew around the perimetre, leaving 2 inches from the top on each side unsewn. Clip corners
-iron the top sides 1/4 inch back & sew – which will finish the edge of the casing nicely
-Optional – I folded the tips of the corners, iron, stitched, and cut the corner tips off to create a box bottom.
-pull ribbon thru the casing