Patchwork Draw String – Birthday Bag Instructions

I needed to create ten treat bags for an upcoming birthday party and procastinated until the nite before. I had a bit of an assembly line set up. They took about 2 hours total. Each bag is:

Supplies needed: 6 charm squares, ribbon for the drawstring.

-sew 3 charms squares together in a row
-cut the row in half down the middle charm
-re-arrange & re sew into small panels
-make two panels for each side of the bag
-face panels rights sides together
-sew around the perimetre, leaving 2 inches from the top on each side unsewn. Clip corners
-iron the top sides 1/4 inch back & sew – which will finish the edge of the casing nicely
-Optional – I folded the tips of the corners, iron, stitched, and cut the corner tips off to create a box bottom.
-pull ribbon thru the casing





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