Karma – Serger!

‘Today is your lucky day’ is what Cindy from Cindy-rella’s Sewing & Quilting said to me!  She gave me SUCH an incredible deal on her serger, I still can’t believe it. Knowing very little about sergers, I  had to do a bit of research when I got home.  To be honest,  I didn’t even know what the proper tension of the stitch should look like. 🙂

I wasn’t really satisfied with the resources online so I decided to buy another Crafsty online course instead of waiting for an in-person course –  Beginning Sergering.  I really like how she takes you thru a 40 point check of the machine and uses 3 different models.  And by the end of the course, you have a handful of resources and you build a binder of samples which you add to your materials.  Later when you need the same stitch all the details like stitch length, width and tension dials are recorded.

After a full day with this serger – it became a love hate relationship.  By now I intimately know the ins & outs.  I also realized some new features on other sergers I would really like, rolled hem capability and differential feed to create a wave effect!  Maybe one day.  Thanks Cindy! When I save my pennies I will buying my 2nd serger at your store – I am so grateful to you.

Here are a few projects made out of vintage silk ties I pulled together on the serger once I got going with the machine.




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