Where I Sew 2013

I am in between projects, so now is the perfect time to post photos of Where I Sew – http://www.pinkchalkstudio.com/blog/2013/06/30/where-i-sew-month-2013/ Just looking at the 2013 Where I Sew photos by pink chalk, gave me a lot of inspiration. Each space is differentand that is what is so neat about it. I would love to move my sewing space upstairs to a spare room with a larger window but will have to wait about 10 years!

Until then, I have created my space in the family room downstairs. Therea many positives to this despite the lack of natural light. It is the place my husband spends his extra time and my kids too. We have an open concept large room each divided for our own purposes. Media, exercise, computer, and sewing of course. My space is the second largest which affords room for my supplies and my SMAD – sewing machine acquisition disorder! I like to collect vintage machines, fix them, and use them.

I also have a few machine cabinets playing double duty as side tables upstairs in case there is a teen sleepover that takes over the basement. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Where I Sew.




6 thoughts on “Where I Sew 2013

    • Thank you very much. The last year, I have been busy learning to sew garments so not much patchwork has been done lately.

  1. What a wonderful sewing area! I am totally envious! Organized and expertly decorated. Beautiful Quilts! I have a corner in my living room with a cabinet to hide the clutter! Jealous!

    • Thank you – it normally is a disaster area – with scraps everywhere and thread all over the floor….I really need to make a thread catcher! I try to clean it up between each project because if I don’t I can not even find a pair of scissors. Looking forward to finding out what our mystery sewing project is for August. I was eying your muslin work on your blog – very inspiring!

  2. this is so beautiful !
    I think it definitely helps to tidy up between projects to create a calm space again , but when you are in the creative moment it can seem like chaos…
    I love tour vintage sewing machines !
    wish I had this much room.

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