Another Bag!


I have finally ran out of silk ties to sew with. All I have left are 2 inch squares. After making a large bag from my favorites, I also made a small bag for my mom’s birthday – Forgot to snap a photo. This is the final bag which is a combination of up cycled navy trousers and the last of the ties. I like the colors. The pattern is super easy and not sure how many more bags will be a result. I seem to have brain lock on making these bags. And other ideas of how I can re use ties to add accents garments or other projects are swimming in my head. Taking suggestions on something else to create?

I used the retired pattern by Michelle’s patterns – the cross over bag.

3 thoughts on “Another Bag!

  1. Love this bag! So well made and professional looking. I have seen skirts made of ties, maybe something you might consider? The one pattern that comes to mind had the ties set at an angle so the skirt looked like it had a swirl.

    • Thanks. The credit goes to the pattern too – I really like the Michelle patterns because they are so details – step by step.

      I have two ties left which would be enough for another bag. 🙂 I have seen the tie skirt picture you mention. Will have to hunt for more ties!

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