Thank You Nikie!

I have been away in Cypress Hills for the past week. It was beautiful. The trees, fresh air, fires, and peace. I was also fortunate to pick up another vintage sewing machine at the local quilt shop – the Cats Meow! That will be for another post.

We got back this afternoon, kinda unpacked, and I soaked in a much needed hot bath.

I walked to our post box and was skipping my way home because I had a special package waiting!

Niki from the UK – not sure of your blog? Or email? Please, please let me know what it is! – Just Found It – Sent a most thoughtful package as part of the sew weekly reunion pattern & notion swap. She sent, Simplicity 1882, beautiful vintage buttons made in Britain, tiny natural pearly buttons that are to die for, blue velvet ribbon, and red ric rack! Nikie you made my day!!! Thank you sew much. I have your thoughtful note hanging in my sewing room too!

I dont have too many patterns and I cant wait to get started on the one you sent. I am a beginner, so this is my first pattern that doesnt fall in the easy category. I am up for the challenge! Woot woot.

Post script. There is an ‘e’ missing from my note in the pic. Sorry Nikie


8 thoughts on “Thank You Nikie!

  1. Love the baby blue velvet ribbon it looks like it feels divine. Im one of the odd ones who goes round grabbing everything betwixt finger and thumb and will reject in a nano second if it feels YUK! I can tell this would pass the test :0). How FAB wasthis swap…. My first and want more, swap addict already. Enjoy the booty! X

    • Yes. Any excuse for a swap is a good one! First sewing swap, but I have been in a couple of mini quilt swaps which was also fun. The anticipation gets me everytime!

  2. Like you i dont have many patterns so i am really pleased you like this one 🙂 And it was my first pattern and notion swap too! Have fun with it 😃Nikie x

  3. Oh Fabulous, congrats on your loot! I actually just won this Simplicity dress pattern and it is en route to me now. I can’t wait to sew it up, I think it’s a really beautiful pattern!

    • You will have to let me know what fabric you choose! And any tips or pitfalls. I am too new to garment sewing so I learn so much which each item I make. Or pick and re-make!

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