Studio Spotlight – Link Party Pics

Just want to participate in the Studio Spotlight Link Party hosted by The Sewing Loft & Ellison Lane. I have enjoyed looking at all the spaces each day featured over the last week. I started in a closet – but kinda expanded into taking over a corner in our rec room where my family hangs out. The closet now stores my stash as it should.

I think what inspires me the most is getting on old broken singer sewing machine and then fixing it up. I have given 11 sewing machines away so far – to anyone who has an interest in sewing. Most items in my space are up cycled or from yard sales. My latest find has been a free white singer featherweight! It was like winning the sewing lottery.

Sewing is a part of my day, after work…time to relax and create. Here is where I sew.

My hubby is a social worker, so he is very understanding dealing with my SMAD (sewing machine acquisition disorder), while my teens call me the ‘sewing freak’ 🙂

Post Script:  How does your family re act to your sewing?




9 thoughts on “Studio Spotlight – Link Party Pics

    • Yes, self taught. It’s easy and there are so many helpful people in the blogosphere. if you ever need any help just let me know! I have one computerized machine that I bring in for servicing – they are a different beast.

      But, old singer mechanicals, or white, kenmores…anything all metal – .they are very much the same and most often just need oil and a tension adjustment!

    • Here too… 🙂 one set up with blk thread, one with white, one with a buttonholer, one for the rv… One for upstairs incase we have a guest staying in out basement. 🙂

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