7 thoughts on “Fabric Haul – The Possibilities

  1. Ooooh! You’ve got some beauties there. I’m particularly interested in that beautiful antique looking broderie anglaise, and the tartan with the white embroiderery border.

    • Thanks… The tartan may be an Archer Top by Grainline Studios and the other, a simple skirt with elastic waist. Our fabricland store had 50% off the sale, sale stuff….next sale like this is Jan 2 so I think I have enough to keep me busy til then. 🙂 I bet the UK would have some awesome fabric stores?

      • I’m lucky to have a couple of Fabricland (UK!) shops near me, and I can get up to London quite easily, and have all of London’s shops at my disposal! There are several areas where there are congregations of fabric stores, and I’ve only just started exploring these.
        I’m hoping that there’ll be a couple of sewing blogger meet-ups in the coming year that I can get to. I really like the idea of shopping in a group.

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