Sewing With Knits

This is the class that really got me started sewing. Being a quilter, I was afraid of knit material before this class. I also was having fit issues with wovens which can be very discouraging for a newbie.

This class is very worth the $30 dollars. I have made numerous hoodies (3), the slice dress (so comfy), several skirts (3), the pants and the shorts. You get 5 patterns with the class but Meg includes mods for shorts, skorts, and capris – so there are 8 patterns.

They are forgiving patterns, and her videos are very detailed so anyone without sewing experience could have a comfy item in a weekend.

Here is the class and here is a sample of the skirt – so easy!

I used a grey athletic non wrinkle fabric – feels great against the skin and washes awesome. Plus the waist band is double fabric folded and sucks in my gut – love that. The pants have the same waist so thats a bonus. I used a subtle navy chevron, but dont have a pic.


3 thoughts on “Sewing With Knits

  1. I have been working (or avoiding ; – / ) on a knit maxi dress, it seemed so easy on the pattern but think the knit is too thin for this particular dress. Perhaps I need to try out that class. Your skirt looks great! Wonderful job!

    • The class is excellent. And a great deal with the 8 patterns. The hoody is my favorite of the patterns.

      Have you tried place tissue paper under the fabric while sewing? My machine was eating light knits until i used it. And after sewn, you rip it off.

      • I will definitely have to use the tissue paper trick ! I have a almost net like knit that I am going to use to make a semi sheer top and this might just do the trick. I have been afraid to even start it and since it is a summer top I really need to get it started. Thanks!

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