Future Sewists?

My kids always bug me about my sewing habit. Tonight my daughter and her friend decided to design clothes for the sock monkeys I made them last Christmas. Both used my vintage singers – very easy to learn and they each had a machine to work with. Took them 5 minutes to learn how to use them – spent a good 3 hours cutting scraps & sewing them together and making mini clothes.

I tried to convince them to make PJ pants for themselves but it was a no go. Maybe next time!

Sock Monkeys & Pattern:


4 thoughts on “Future Sewists?

  1. My daughter, Ashley, made a few Barbie clothes when she was young and made a pair of sleep pants in middle school. The teenage years took over and she was only interested in friends, boys, parties. But recently she decided to try her hand at sewing again. Her friend had recently had a little girl and I convinced her to make a dress. She stopped after work for 2 weeks in a row, cutting, pinning, sewing and ripping. Her emotions ranged from sheer happiness to hatred along the way. She finished the dress all by herself, she learned many things along the way and the look of accomplishment was priceless.

    • Thats great. My mom couldnt show me how to sew or quilt but she did teach me to handstitch & knit! I hope my daughter gets the basics so that later in life if she wants to sew – threading the machine wont be a mystery!

      I bet the dress was the best of all the gifts!

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