Bean Bags or Pattern Weights, Saltspring Dress Hem and other Thoughts

Twelve more bean bags to go for a friend. I ran out of split peas. They would make handy pattern weights.

And my little boy just attempted to hem mark my Saltspring dress and I fear its crooked 🙂 He is 10, a true helper and very careful. I think I will have to think of another solution. I so wish I had a dress form for times like this. Although he liked to stab the pins through the metal hem marker and play with the magnetic pin weight. I was standing for a really long time.

I also need to find a solid thin, neutral brown, black or grey – summer, cotton sweater to wear with the dress – to off set these large flowers. My next Saltspring will be tamer!

I learned so much with this sew-a-long. How to handle slippery fabric, how to underline and line. How to omit the zip 🙂



8 thoughts on “Bean Bags or Pattern Weights, Saltspring Dress Hem and other Thoughts

  1. I love the bean bags. They are so pretty. Make a few extra to use as door stops too. ANd thanks for the fabulous idea – I never thought of them for pattern weights. I love the fabric for your Saltspring…mine version should be finished tonight.

    • Cant wait to see your version of the Saltspring.

      The bean bags are 5 inch charm squares double stitched so the guts dont fall out. My kids found them so I may have to make more!

  2. Loving the bean bag pattern weights, fab idea as you may recall I use baked beans …. in the tins of course! Not very haute couture, will be making some with out delay. Thanks fro the fab idea! x

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