a soft leather slipper or shoe, strictly one without a separate heel, having the sole turned up on all sides and sewn to the upper in a simple gathered seam, in a style originating among North American Indians.

I received the verbal instructions and the 5 cut out pieces for a ladies size 7 & 9. In the indigenous way of knowing, I only have verbal instructions.

I have a remnant and have my pair cut. The plan is to work on them on the weekend. Have to find some fur – or maybe my pair will be furless.

Here are some pics of my verbal lesson.






And here are the start of mine.



Foot Pedal Rewire

I ended up fixing the foot pedal which was evading me all weekend, thanks to these diagrams from Joe. I do credit him and a few other people (Tammi!) on the vintage sewing machine forum for enabling me 2 years ago.

Turns out my 1, 2, and 3 wires were in the wrong order within the prong. Only took 1 zap to find out (I forgot to unplug the cord when I was testing the order).

No copyright info on these images – but I wm still posting or I will lose them.






My son has claimed the newly created pillow. And since learning how to use my #20 Bernina foot, zig-zag, and lowered feed dogs, I dont think I will ever sew a button by hand again! Love that feature. Also used a hidden zipper at the bottom.




I fixed this beautiful sewing machine for a women who lives out of town. It’s a 3/4 – singer 99 model with a very nice bentwood case. She has to buy a new foot pedal, I couldn’t repair hers. The timing needed adjusting and now it’s ready to be picked up. She mentioned she sews moccasins and will share the pattern with me. I am super stoked. She makes them out of leather and recycled fur coats.

I bought the neatest Halloween fabric which will be a skull pillow – inspired by lladybirds blog post. While I was paying for my fabric, I noticed a cute gift card holder. It’s made cheaply, but I took a picture so I could make my own.






This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I splurged on a ‘want’ I have wanted for a while. The Bernina 550QE!

I purchased from Cindy and Cindy-rellas. She was most helpful and made sure it was a machine that would grow with my skills. Jenny from The Missouri Star Quilt Co is even visiting her shop!! Check out Cindy’s shop:

This will keep me busy for a while. Not sure how my turkey dinner for 13 is going to get done with this in the house!

The unboxing. Once I figure it out and have more time Ill post more info. Trying all the features and the BSR.






My sewing room today

I have another Archer cut and ready to sew. This time I am trying a dressy wrinkle free….linen looking fabric in Navy. Can’t wait.

Also got a few patterns in the mail. My favorite is the DKNY dress. My co worker had one made out of a paisley double knit. It looked awesome and her husband sewed it for her. How romantic – his mother believed in raising her boys without the gender stereotyping of only women sew!

I also spent some time cleaning a few machines. The first one the singer 404 I hauled home in the RV from some a small town, cabinet and all. It has a knee control, is super light and I think I have fallen in love with this model. The knee control is so convenient. Think I will sew my Archer on it to test it out.

The second machine the Singer 127 is a shuttle machine…I oiled and cleaned and made a rice bag for my stiff neck 🙂 I blame it on all the sewing. The sound of this shuttle machine is so unique – it’s like the needle almost does a little bounce. It’s mesmerizing – I guess only someone who is addicted to sewing machines would notice. It has a gorgeous bentwood case and was given to me by an incredible seamstress. It was her grandmothers. And was carried by boat to Canada when she came. I am very honoured Noreen chose me to keep this machine.






Thanks Simona!

I love receiving sewing stuff in the mail and Simona from Sewing in the Attick sent me some patterns all the way from the UK.

I am interested in the M6043 pants which have a mock zipper (perfect for my aversion to the zip). And the other pattern is for ‘very easy’ pants which again are perfect for me!

Thanks Simona. Mailed a pkg off to you. Something old & something new – Enjoy!