This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I splurged on a ‘want’ I have wanted for a while. The Bernina 550QE!

I purchased from Cindy and Cindy-rellas. She was most helpful and made sure it was a machine that would grow with my skills. Jenny from The Missouri Star Quilt Co is even visiting her shop!! Check out Cindy’s shop:

This will keep me busy for a while. Not sure how my turkey dinner for 13 is going to get done with this in the house!

The unboxing. Once I figure it out and have more time Ill post more info. Trying all the features and the BSR.






3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!

  1. How exciting for you, I love when I get something so nice, the upboxing of the item, caressing it, looking at all of the goodies. What a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday!

    • Except when I found the sticker made in Thailand on the bottom! Oh well, it will be fun playing with my swiss_thai machine. I feel like I have switched camps…when I boxed up the PFAFF. 🙂

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