a soft leather slipper or shoe, strictly one without a separate heel, having the sole turned up on all sides and sewn to the upper in a simple gathered seam, in a style originating among North American Indians.

I received the verbal instructions and the 5 cut out pieces for a ladies size 7 & 9. In the indigenous way of knowing, I only have verbal instructions.

I have a remnant and have my pair cut. The plan is to work on them on the weekend. Have to find some fur – or maybe my pair will be furless.

Here are some pics of my verbal lesson.






And here are the start of mine.



4 thoughts on “moccasin

  1. Looks interesting and difficult.
    Ps just to let you know I have received the patterns you sent me. They are lovely. Will blog about them soon, hope,very soon. Thank you so so much. Xx

    • I tried to make a pair of moccasins last night. Might be outta my skill level 🙂 They were an epic fail! I guess I dont do well with verbal instructions.

      Good to hear the pkg arrived.

    • The pics are from the nice woman whose sewing machine I fixed. She makes beautiful stuff. I attempted my first pair with little success. But maybe another day the stars will align!

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