Craftsy, Sew Better, Sew Faster

I have mixed feelings about the consumerism of Black Friday.

But I had a moment of weakness on Thursday. My seamless pledge was holding strong until I bought two pairs of jeans from Old Navy for $15.

The only places I plan to visit to make a purchase today is the fabricstore, and to buy a bottle of Las Moras shiraz.

I plan on finishing another archer this weekend. (which is so outta character for me – not). This version has a major pattern mis-match of the plaid on the front. Tradgic for my OCD, but Im ok with this mistake.

If you havent gone over to Craftsy – stop reading this post and buy yourself another class. You cant go wrong with everything listed as $19.99 (my consumerism weakness is showing). Yesterday I purchased the Sew Better, Sew Faster by Janet Pray.

This class is chalked full of learning opportunities. (Yes, I watched all 8 lessons at once!) She has a ton of tips which are awesome. And she really explains the ‘why’ behind these tips.
I am waiting for my hard-copy jacket to arrive in the mail. The project is an unlined demin jacket with a large amount of top stitching and welted pockets.

I cant wait to get started on this project!


Double the Pattern Pyramid fun!

Spreading the word!

Béa's Sewing Adventures

I wanted to post a reminder that you’ve still got a week to enter the Pluz Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway here on my blog.

But in addition, Alison from Sewing with Cats has now posted her own Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway here, so you’ve got that additional opportunity to join in the fun now. Go on, check it out- it’s got to be worth a little comment to be in with a chance for those beauties!


It’s actually *treble* the fun, because Chris Lucas, another lucky pyramider, has posted her Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway too. Hooray for treble chances!


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Needle book

In the summer, I was part of a notion swap for the sew weekly reunion. I made a needle book for a swap gift, but never got around to posting about it. Didn’t want to give anything away. This morning, I was about to make another, and realized I didn’t have a post I could look back on.

Here is the tutorial I used to make my book:

Another with a D link which looks interesting:

I also found this incredible project. It would take me months to complete….but I do need something like this for my sewing machine needles particularly. I love the colors chosen and how it is combined with a more natural linen:




Cold Feet? Warm Hands

I had so much fun this weekend making felt wool mitts. I went down to my local thrift shop and purchased 3 wool sweaters. I never really looked at these before and the average price is around $6.99. I bought 3 for a total of $20. Washed in hot, dried in hot and they came out infant sized. I managed to cut out 4 mitts.

They involved 4 pattern pieces and were very easy to sew together. The thickness of the cuff got me crazy in the first pair, so I opted for a blanket stitch when making the second. I never attempted this stitch before and it was a comedy of errors! But I finally got the hang of it.

I lined them with super soft fleece and they are ultra warm.

I will be keeping my eye out for sweaters as the 100% wool were tricky to find. But I wonder what would happen if a slashed a 100% wool chevron mens suit jacket instead of a sweater? Hmmmmm….maybe another weekend.

Here is the pattern and instructions. Its free!

My girl friends sister sells her wool mitts for $40. I can see why – the wool can get pricey but they are super warm.




A Warm Mindless Project

A very long scarf all curled up. I had to do something while watching 3 episodes of Shameless. The US version is very entertaining.

Cast 28
K4, P2, K2 til the end
Repeat until super long
It ends up stretchy because of the rib stitch.

A very mindless knit – just like I need if I am concentrating on the tv plot.

Does anyone have a mindless craft they do while watching tv? I’ve tried hand stitching hexies but nothing else other than the odd scarf.