It Happened Again

I one time had a CL ad up – for buying, and fixing old sewing machines. A guy called and said he had an old singer that no one wanted at his garage sale. Could I swing by his place and pick it up from his girlfriend. She handed me a little broken mint green box! I was in shock.

Then yesterday, I was walking with my little boy in the neighbourhood early morning, while a lady was hanging up a garage sale sign. I asked my standard questions ‘any guitars or sewing machines?’ She said she had some sewing machines for $25!

I went there immediately & saw the little blk box with $150 on it. I opened it up and it was jammed to the top with accessories (zigzager, buttonholer). A bit pricey but I had just got pd so I bought it.

I carried it home and unpacked it and there was a 222 inside! The only things it’s missing is the embroidery hoop. The darning foot is even there.

Im in shock! Stars aligned twice or my city is saturated with 221 & 222. Our city did have a singer store downtown for eons.