Singer Featherweight 221 – For Sale

I have 12 vintage machines & I don’t need 3 black featherweights!

This is a used vintage Singer Featherweight serial number AH568685 built in 1948. Good working condition with all decals in tact and bright. This is a straight stitch sewing machine.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. My email is


Included is:

A serviced 221 sewing machine – I have created a video – I think it’s important to see what you are buying.

Carrying case
1 Key
Foot control – wear showing on the wires.
Original bobbin case assembly
Bobbins x 3

Ready to sew when you get it!

Full disclosure: There are very small pins pits on the bed & light scratches. The foot control is original wiring that is showing wear and I would suggest purchasing a new foot control ($20 on eBay). But I have used it the last year ‘as is’ with no problem. There is also a quirky squeak to the machine….you may hear it in the video but all my vintage machines have their own sound! The case bottom is missing the black paper – this is cosmetic and does not affect the function.










Merry Christmas

I always seems to stumble upon the most beautiful sewing machines around xmas time. Last year it was my singer 221 featherweight. This year it is a gorgeous class 15 in a bentwood box that is 20 inch long! It was $25 with a full box of original attachments. My other bentwood is only 16….this one is big & heavy (40 lbs?) but in such great condition. Think I will do a bit of quilting – since this one is set up in the middle of the living room, with no plans to relocate.


Foot Pedal Rewire

I ended up fixing the foot pedal which was evading me all weekend, thanks to these diagrams from Joe. I do credit him and a few other people (Tammi!) on the vintage sewing machine forum for enabling me 2 years ago.

Turns out my 1, 2, and 3 wires were in the wrong order within the prong. Only took 1 zap to find out (I forgot to unplug the cord when I was testing the order).

No copyright info on these images – but I wm still posting or I will lose them.






I fixed this beautiful sewing machine for a women who lives out of town. It’s a 3/4 – singer 99 model with a very nice bentwood case. She has to buy a new foot pedal, I couldn’t repair hers. The timing needed adjusting and now it’s ready to be picked up. She mentioned she sews moccasins and will share the pattern with me. I am super stoked. She makes them out of leather and recycled fur coats.

I bought the neatest Halloween fabric which will be a skull pillow – inspired by lladybirds blog post. While I was paying for my fabric, I noticed a cute gift card holder. It’s made cheaply, but I took a picture so I could make my own.






This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I splurged on a ‘want’ I have wanted for a while. The Bernina 550QE!

I purchased from Cindy and Cindy-rellas. She was most helpful and made sure it was a machine that would grow with my skills. Jenny from The Missouri Star Quilt Co is even visiting her shop!! Check out Cindy’s shop:

This will keep me busy for a while. Not sure how my turkey dinner for 13 is going to get done with this in the house!

The unboxing. Once I figure it out and have more time Ill post more info. Trying all the features and the BSR.






My sewing room today

I have another Archer cut and ready to sew. This time I am trying a dressy wrinkle free….linen looking fabric in Navy. Can’t wait.

Also got a few patterns in the mail. My favorite is the DKNY dress. My co worker had one made out of a paisley double knit. It looked awesome and her husband sewed it for her. How romantic – his mother believed in raising her boys without the gender stereotyping of only women sew!

I also spent some time cleaning a few machines. The first one the singer 404 I hauled home in the RV from some a small town, cabinet and all. It has a knee control, is super light and I think I have fallen in love with this model. The knee control is so convenient. Think I will sew my Archer on it to test it out.

The second machine the Singer 127 is a shuttle machine…I oiled and cleaned and made a rice bag for my stiff neck 🙂 I blame it on all the sewing. The sound of this shuttle machine is so unique – it’s like the needle almost does a little bounce. It’s mesmerizing – I guess only someone who is addicted to sewing machines would notice. It has a gorgeous bentwood case and was given to me by an incredible seamstress. It was her grandmothers. And was carried by boat to Canada when she came. I am very honoured Noreen chose me to keep this machine.







I am on day 5 of camping and I am going thru sewing withdrawl. I brought a hand stitch project to work on in the car. The featherweight is packed but i have only used it to patch a rip in my daughters pants.

Dont get me wrong. Camping is fun with the family but sewing is my way of relaxing so it is missed.

I dont have alot of space in this hybrid trailer and it would be challenging to sew. I did bring material enough for a silk tie bag.

I miss sewing but have been doing a lot of reading about sewing!

Had a chance to head into the local town and bought a pair of gold scissors with a blunt end for hems. The same store called ‘the cats meow’ had a nice singer rocketeer that she will sell to me for $25 – a fair price.

If the stars align, i will be going home with two sewing machines! Here’s hoping.

I also am curious to know if my pattern notion swap package arrived? And my sewaholic saltspring dress pattern? Something to look forward to.

Ruffled Foot

I have several ruffler feet which I seem to be collecting with each sewing machine I acquire. A few weeks ago I spent the evening with a glass of wine and the idea to master the use of this funny looking foot. I found out the foot has three settings. It will gather at every 3rd, 6th, or 12th stitch. Now the geek in me thinks this is really cool so I made samples of all three setting.

The mechanics of this foot is basically to attach it to the sewing machine by hooking onto the needle holder. That’s it. I created an a-line skirt which I used this foot to create THE most uniform pleated gathers to add to the bottom of the skirt hem.

I was very excited about what I learned and passed along an extra foot to another sewist friend. Not many people share the same enthusiasm for these vintage gadgets. I just can’t believe what kind of person invented this foot? Truly a time saver for anything needing gathers. Too bad it is still not 1980! I will have to be discrete in which projects I will use this attachment for. 🙂

Although some say ruffles are back!

Here are a few samples.




Centennial Featherweight 1851-1951

I have been lurking over a craiglist posting for a singer featherweight. The owner sent a pic and the machine looked like it was in good shape. It had a piece of wool over the arm of the machine so I didnt see the badge.

When I went to view the sewing machine – I lifted the wool off and saw the 100th anniversary blue rimmed badge.

I paid and couldnt get home fast enough. Just my luck. She is called ‘moon’ after her original owner. The machine had one owner and was the families machine. A shame no one in the family knows how to sew or wants it.



White sewing machine

This machine came to me in rough shape. I tried oil to clean but the old oil was so thick and discolored I ended using steel wool!

She looks great and sews even greater. The tension is perfectly set now and am surprised at how quiet she is. I was going to fix up and give away, but after an entire day of cleaning this clone is going to stay here! The cabinet is beautiful too. I might paint a linen wash on the bottom half of the cabinet but something is stopping me from doing it. I have a hard time painting natural wood.


Singer 127 Addition

As you know I really appreciate vintage sewing machines. This one was given to me this week. Her name is Norine. It was given to me by the most interesting seamstress who has made her own clothes since she was 19! This machine was her grandmothers. She brought it over from Europe, and it is a 1948 – 127 family shuttle machine. I gave her a good cleaning & oil and soon she will need a new belt. Other than that she is in great condition. I have found a great spot in my sewing area for this machine and it provides constant inspiration. It sometimes saddens me to think how items are made in our day as disposable. This shuttle machine will last for many more years and I will be sewing on it regularly. How lucky!



Singer 1 Step Buttonhole

This has to be the handiest invention ever. The consistent, perfect buttonholes blow my 3 step computerized machine out of the water. When I first got this contraption I had no idea how to use.  It sat in the box for 6 months.  I had heard that they do make the best & consistent button holes so I thought I would try to find a ‘how to’ video on YouTube.

  • YOUTUBE – The video which helped me the most is here. (you just have to get past the bad audio!)

Here is mine in action – perfect button holes in less than 50 seconds

I somehow ended up with 2 vintage singer button holers and several templates.  The one I am missing is the eyelet template which I will keep an eye out for on ebay.  My sample below was twice around with the contraption, but I was using a super thin silky thread, so next time it will be 3 times around.

Just Attach & Go! Love it.





Little Green Machine

I had the opportunity to go shopping without the kids on Sunday.  I thought I would make a trip to the fabric store to buy a pattern for an upcoming ‘learn to sew’ class I am taking at my local quilt store.

I left too early and found myself with half-an-hour to fill.  I stopped into an antique shop – just to look (or that is what I told myself).  It was filled with colors and memories of childhood with vintage toys & teacups.  When I went to the basement, I spotted a sewing machine case.   I spotted the word ‘singer’ in the handle and expected the typical black machine I am use to seeing.

To my surprise, I found my little green machine. And it was marked down to $20. It is a 3/4 portable, all metal construction model 185J. It appeared to be in great condition with the exception of the belt being stiff as a statue which prevented it from sewing and a rusted out foot pedal!  Both quick fixes, but I walked away.

I was at the exit and almost to the truck when I thought, what if I skip the fabric store to save this machine?  So I that is how ended up with him. My daughter name him ‘oliver’