Ruffled Foot

I have several ruffler feet which I seem to be collecting with each sewing machine I acquire. A few weeks ago I spent the evening with a glass of wine and the idea to master the use of this funny looking foot. I found out the foot has three settings. It will gather at every 3rd, 6th, or 12th stitch. Now the geek in me thinks this is really cool so I made samples of all three setting.

The mechanics of this foot is basically to attach it to the sewing machine by hooking onto the needle holder. That’s it. I created an a-line skirt which I used this foot to create THE most uniform pleated gathers to add to the bottom of the skirt hem.

I was very excited about what I learned and passed along an extra foot to another sewist friend. Not many people share the same enthusiasm for these vintage gadgets. I just can’t believe what kind of person invented this foot? Truly a time saver for anything needing gathers. Too bad it is still not 1980! I will have to be discrete in which projects I will use this attachment for. 🙂

Although some say ruffles are back!

Here are a few samples.




Blind Hem Attachments

Being a quilter I haven’t explored my machine attachments…but I started to tonite. I seem to be collecting more and more with every machine purchase. The ones I am most interested in are the zipper, bias binding foot, ruffler and blind hem foot. Here is the results of the last. What I learned is you have to allow an inch or two before the material feeds thru it but the end result is a perfect finished seam. The foot works a bit better if the fabric is pressed over about 1/4 inch before going thru the foot. Now I might try the ruffler foot – looks down right scary to me but that will be for another post.