Charm Square Addiction

Those 5 inch squares are so handy for making little pouches.  They could be used for all sorts of things: earbuds, change, a couple lip balms, tea bags…And best of all they take 10 minutes to sew up. With all the charms squares I get in the mail this pattern is a stash buster.  Just look in my tag cloud under earbud for the tutorial.


iPhone Sleeve & Earbud Pouch

I made this iPhone sleeve based on the ‘Easy iPhone Sleeve Tutorial‘ from ‘The dog under my desk’ blog. I also use one to carry my debit/credit card. She also has a great ear bud holder or coin purse. which is so cute and mini! I always find my ear buds crumbled in the draw and swear under my breath when I have to untangle. Here is the front & back.