My Sorbetto


I downloaded the Collette Sorbetto tank top. It was my weeknd project.

What inspired me was another bloggers post about 7 days of the Sorbetta. She added sleeves which was a big deal for me, plus I loved her 20s dress version too. Surprising how many ways a simply (2 pattern peices) can turn out – with a little imagination.

The fabric I chose for the top was a sheet set I had when I was a kid…so that unfortunately makes it 35 years old. The fabric has a wonderful worn feel, but the design was something I remember from being a kid in kindergarten. My favorite design I sparingly used for the bias collar, hem, and small strip down the front. Just could cut large chunks out of yet!

I still have to sew the buttons on…they are just pinned. Was waffling on which to pick, but the I will stick to these white ones I got at the estate sale last week.

Sewing with Knits

If you are looking for a beginner pattern, I recommend ‘Sewing with Knits’ by Meg McElwee (Blog SewLiberated) on Craftsy. Super inspiring, non intimating, and you get over 6 patterns! I started with her first project which is the hoody.

Love how easy it was to put together (1 evening & and a 1/2 video tutorial). It is so comfy and my style. I picked a waffle jersey in grey and have enough left over to make an american apparel jersey infinity scarf knock off.

Heading to the fabric store today to by 3 more metres of this knit in dark navy….to make another. I think I will sew one size smaller to get it a bit more form fitting.

Update: Love the drk navy in a size medium. Very cozy to wear today, especially since it is snowing this morning!

Thanks Meg. You are an awesome teacher!





I found this pattern by ‘Two Peas In A Pod Designs’ on Pinterest and made a few of these so far. I sew with a pair of snips on a lanyard and was in the market for a new one. These would be cute in themed fabric for a child’s house key, or teacher gift. I treated myself to a pair of 4inch gingher scissors for mine. They are still stuck in postal land but hopefully will arrive soon. The lanyards take all about 10 minutes to make and I use the hardware they sell for the Superstore carts coins, so I can easily remove whatever item I have hanging!



iPhone Sleeve & Earbud Pouch

I made this iPhone sleeve based on the ‘Easy iPhone Sleeve Tutorial‘ from ‘The dog under my desk’ blog. I also use one to carry my debit/credit card. She also has a great ear bud holder or coin purse. which is so cute and mini! I always find my ear buds crumbled in the draw and swear under my breath when I have to untangle. Here is the front & back.




Make Do & Mend

Love this pamphlet from 40s.  My mom & dad lived thru WWII in a German occupied Holland and my father served in the front lines of the Dutch army.  My mom still maintains this mentality in her daily life. Make DO & Mend. 

I have made quite a few coffee filters, so I just need to wash and reuse.  I just traced a paper one…its not lined, but my cup of joe doesn’t care.


90s Dress Becomes Infinity Scarf

The easy pattern can be found on this blog.

I think this video is the best…lots of ideas for wearing it.

I cut this the length of the dress and 12.5 inches wide and had two pieces. Sew the two together at the short ends. Decorative stitched all the way around. Wet and knotted up. Will be a great airy crinkly summer scarf.



Fannel Warm Cold Bag

At the end of the day I have tight shoulders. It Must be all the computer work during the day and sewing at night. Not to mention being a mom with 2 very active kids. I put this bag together in about 5 minutes.

It is actually 2 bags, an inner one to hold the wheat (or long grain rice) and the outer flannel. My flannel was $1.50 in the clearance section and I used scrap material for the inner bag because you don’t see it.


Inner: 6.5 inch by width of fabric
Outer: 7 inch by width of fabric
Inside: rice
Seam allowance. 1/4

Fold each piece in half and sew the perimeter, but leave a short opening for the grain in the the inner bag and a short opening in the outer to stuff the completed inner bag into. Fold the last opening edges in and sew the final seam. Don’t over fill the bag. I filled mine half way, then when all done, pushed the grain around to top sew a seam to make compartments evenly distributed.

I am going to make these for coworkers this Xmas. Easy, cheap, and can go with a ‘stress free’ themed gift!

Place in the microwave for 2 minutes or store in the freezer – and use.