SawTooth Star Quilt

The fabric was purchased near the Teddy Roosevelt National Park.   That day a herd of buffalo wandered thru our campsite at Cottonwood.  So when I went to the local town’s quilt shop and spotted this buffalo batik, I new it was a sign.  Didn’t use the material for a long time and finally cut into it.  I used a basic star block.  Added 2 inch sashing and spent the extra time  hand quilting this because it is very small.  IMG_1792

A Special Day

I made this quilt for my father on his 83rd birthday. Shortly after he passed away. It has been 5 years past and so much of who I am is because of Jacobus Wilhelmus. Thx Dad.


For the Dogs

Everyone has heard the story of a quilter giving a quilt to a friend and then see her give it to the dogs on the next visit!  I love my schnauzers (black & white).  This quilt pattern was purchased by my friend who would like a quilt for her dog.  It is mostly applique so I had to give it a try.  The first image is of the pattern while the second one is the single block I put together.  I used a recycled plaid shirt that was on it’s last legs.  Now all I have to do is find some schnauzer applique.