Don’t Touch My Ginghers!

In my house the kids and DH included, will see a pair of scissors in my sewing roomand use them to open jelly sticks, yogurt tubes, and popcorn bagSometimes of course they wouldn’t tell me and I would go to used them and they would be either stuck together from the sugar or dripping in coconut oil from the popcorn.

Now scissors are very important for quilting. I mostly use my OLFA 45mm rotary cutter. So I have gone all my years of sewing sharing my scissors with the family. Granted, most were from the dollar store, or fabric store but most were under $5.00.

Then I started my first sewing class on Craftsy and was told I need a good pair of scissors. I wasn’t really listening and went thru the class with my dollar store specials. Here is what happened:

-there was a bit of swearing -I couldn’t cut my pattern put because my scissors would slip – my notches didn’t even look like notches

So I was on a quest to purchase a high quality pair of scissors. I started with a 5 inch knife edge ginghers, after I received those in the mail, I found a pair of 4 inch spring action embroidery pair, and this Friday my last pair arrived – my 8 inch dressmakers shears! All are made in Italy and cut thru the fabric like butter.

Now I just have to keep these away from the family!