Two Years Later…

Wow! It is ironic that it has been two years since my last post. I recently have the sewing bug and set up the sewing room again. This last year has been a very weird one, covid and all. Unlike many, I had the hardest working year of my life which prevented the attention to creation. Now that work has evened out from the emergency mode we fell into, I have been making items. There are also a few sewing machines that I gave away to others to sew masks during the pandemic and a few that I found that I would like to share in upcoming posts.

So in the spirit of sewing…I made a sewing machine cover for a recent addition to my sewing a machine collection (only 10 now). I found this singer fabric panel at my local quilt shop sale section. It seemed perfect. It was $5. The pattern I used was the sewing machine cover tutorial. I wanted a pattern that would be flexible enough to fit on several sewing machine types, so I opted to omit the side panels, seen in other patterns. Later, I will dedicate a post the the sewing machine it is covering. It has to be my all time favourite so far! Any guesses? Hint: It is not vintage, but not computerized either.

I also had a helper that looks like she wished she was a sewing machine. I love how this cover turned out and it a great project for beginners. 🙂 Happy sewing everyone.