Little Green Machine

I had the opportunity to go shopping without the kids on Sunday.  I thought I would make a trip to the fabric store to buy a pattern for an upcoming ‘learn to sew’ class I am taking at my local quilt store.

I left too early and found myself with half-an-hour to fill.  I stopped into an antique shop – just to look (or that is what I told myself).  It was filled with colors and memories of childhood with vintage toys & teacups.  When I went to the basement, I spotted a sewing machine case.   I spotted the word ‘singer’ in the handle and expected the typical black machine I am use to seeing.

To my surprise, I found my little green machine. And it was marked down to $20. It is a 3/4 portable, all metal construction model 185J. It appeared to be in great condition with the exception of the belt being stiff as a statue which prevented it from sewing and a rusted out foot pedal!  Both quick fixes, but I walked away.

I was at the exit and almost to the truck when I thought, what if I skip the fabric store to save this machine?  So I that is how ended up with him. My daughter name him ‘oliver’