Merry Christmas

I always seems to stumble upon the most beautiful sewing machines around xmas time. Last year it was my singer 221 featherweight. This year it is a gorgeous class 15 in a bentwood box that is 20 inch long! It was $25 with a full box of original attachments. My other bentwood is only 16….this one is big & heavy (40 lbs?) but in such great condition. Think I will do a bit of quilting – since this one is set up in the middle of the living room, with no plans to relocate.


Ruffled Foot

I have several ruffler feet which I seem to be collecting with each sewing machine I acquire. A few weeks ago I spent the evening with a glass of wine and the idea to master the use of this funny looking foot. I found out the foot has three settings. It will gather at every 3rd, 6th, or 12th stitch. Now the geek in me thinks this is really cool so I made samples of all three setting.

The mechanics of this foot is basically to attach it to the sewing machine by hooking onto the needle holder. That’s it. I created an a-line skirt which I used this foot to create THE most uniform pleated gathers to add to the bottom of the skirt hem.

I was very excited about what I learned and passed along an extra foot to another sewist friend. Not many people share the same enthusiasm for these vintage gadgets. I just can’t believe what kind of person invented this foot? Truly a time saver for anything needing gathers. Too bad it is still not 1980! I will have to be discrete in which projects I will use this attachment for. 🙂

Although some say ruffles are back!

Here are a few samples.




Singer Advertisements & Decals

I love looking at old magazines and vintage patterns. Here are two of my favorites. I have all 4 of these sewing machines (thanks to Tammi in central AB for my 99K named ‘jellybean’). It is interesting to me to see how each machine has its own personality. I have also included a closeup of their 4 different decals.



99K ‘Eye’ decal


15-90 ‘Eye’ and Trefoils


201 ‘Paperclips’ decal


221 Featherweight ‘Celtic Knot’ decal


If you are interested in learning more or finding out the type of decal you have on your vintage machine, more information is found on the ISMACS website: