Foot Pedal Rewire

I ended up fixing the foot pedal which was evading me all weekend, thanks to these diagrams from Joe. I do credit him and a few other people (Tammi!) on the vintage sewing machine forum for enabling me 2 years ago.

Turns out my 1, 2, and 3 wires were in the wrong order within the prong. Only took 1 zap to find out (I forgot to unplug the cord when I was testing the order).

No copyright info on these images – but I wm still posting or I will lose them.





Centennial Featherweight 1851-1951

I have been lurking over a craiglist posting for a singer featherweight. The owner sent a pic and the machine looked like it was in good shape. It had a piece of wool over the arm of the machine so I didnt see the badge.

When I went to view the sewing machine – I lifted the wool off and saw the 100th anniversary blue rimmed badge.

I paid and couldnt get home fast enough. Just my luck. She is called ‘moon’ after her original owner. The machine had one owner and was the families machine. A shame no one in the family knows how to sew or wants it.



Singer 127 Addition

As you know I really appreciate vintage sewing machines. This one was given to me this week. Her name is Norine. It was given to me by the most interesting seamstress who has made her own clothes since she was 19! This machine was her grandmothers. She brought it over from Europe, and it is a 1948 – 127 family shuttle machine. I gave her a good cleaning & oil and soon she will need a new belt. Other than that she is in great condition. I have found a great spot in my sewing area for this machine and it provides constant inspiration. It sometimes saddens me to think how items are made in our day as disposable. This shuttle machine will last for many more years and I will be sewing on it regularly. How lucky!