Studio Spotlight – Link Party Pics

Just want to participate in the Studio Spotlight Link Party hosted by The Sewing Loft & Ellison Lane. I have enjoyed looking at all the spaces each day featured over the last week. I started in a closet – but kinda expanded into taking over a corner in our rec room where my family hangs out. The closet now stores my stash as it should.

I think what inspires me the most is getting on old broken singer sewing machine and then fixing it up. I have given 11 sewing machines away so far – to anyone who has an interest in sewing. Most items in my space are up cycled or from yard sales. My latest find has been a free white singer featherweight! It was like winning the sewing lottery.

Sewing is a part of my day, after work…time to relax and create. Here is where I sew.

My hubby is a social worker, so he is very understanding dealing with my SMAD (sewing machine acquisition disorder), while my teens call me the ‘sewing freak’ 🙂

Post Script:  How does your family re act to your sewing?




Where I Sew 2013

I am in between projects, so now is the perfect time to post photos of Where I Sew – Just looking at the 2013 Where I Sew photos by pink chalk, gave me a lot of inspiration. Each space is differentand that is what is so neat about it. I would love to move my sewing space upstairs to a spare room with a larger window but will have to wait about 10 years!

Until then, I have created my space in the family room downstairs. Therea many positives to this despite the lack of natural light. It is the place my husband spends his extra time and my kids too. We have an open concept large room each divided for our own purposes. Media, exercise, computer, and sewing of course. My space is the second largest which affords room for my supplies and my SMAD – sewing machine acquisition disorder! I like to collect vintage machines, fix them, and use them.

I also have a few machine cabinets playing double duty as side tables upstairs in case there is a teen sleepover that takes over the basement. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Where I Sew.